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midnight_party's Journal

Fall Out Boy Fic-tastic
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Brought you by legendof12world, clippedwings, and muzikgrrlie

Rules :

[x] For the love of all our boys no Sticky or Teenybopper text. If you do, you'll be on the first class trip straight to internet death.

[x] Images of all sorts are wickedly welcome so long as they are put under the lj-cut.

[x] All fanfiction posted here is utterly welcome. Just please add this at before you post the story:

Rating: Minors - if you read anything you know is above PG13 (which will probably be a lot) that is your fault and yours alone. Don't complain because no one made you do it.

LJ Cut looks like this: <*lj-cut text="Sins of Thy Beloved"*> <*/lj-cut*> minus the asterisks.

[x] No flaming because it's completely ridiculous how psycho people who are against slash come here to tell us how much they hate it... Obviously you will get no where with hardcore slashers here.

[x] Enjoy yourself here. It's what we're for.

[x] Ads are fine as long as the subject reads as: AD FOR BLAHBLAHBLAH and it is beneath an LJ-Cut as well.

[x] All FOB Slash is welcome here. Other band relationships(with FOB) in fics are fine as long as the pairring isn't just a minor reference.

[x] General FOB fics are welcome here too. Since they do contain the boys and it's nice to see something different for a change. ^_~ This means friendship stories, het pairings and all that other un-slashy stuff.

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